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Alex Pole Skillet


Designed by Somerset forger Alex Pole, these beautiful skillets are made from hand spun carbon, finished with hand forged handles and copper rivets.

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They are the perfect size for oven cooking or exploring cooking over an open fire. Raw steel pans are fantastic to cook with as they have no chemical or industrial coatings, meaning they are better for both you and the environment.

Available in 11 or 8-inch width.

Delivery information

We deliver nationwide. To guarantee Saturday delivery, orders should be placed by midnight on the preceding Thursday. Our chilled and frozen items are packed using ice packs and environmentally friendly Woolcool.


Total length: 30cm | Skillet width: 27.5cm | Skillet depth: 5cm
Weight: 1.4 kg

Total length: 22.5 cm | Skillet width: 20 cm | Skillet depth: 5 cm
Weight: 0.8 kg

About Alex Pole

Each piece Alex Pole makes at The Forge starts as a simple bar of steel, we then heat and work these bars until they have reached the correct size, shape and style. Simple forms, clean lines and functionality; these are the foundations of our work.

Making objects that are built to last is extremely important to us at The Forge and we hope that you get many years of use, and pleasure, from our utensils.

Caring for your Skillet

Alex Pole Skillets are spun from raw steel, pre-seasoned with rapeseed oil and baked at around 400 degrees to give a sealed finish. This makes the pans ready to cook. However, for best results we advise regular re-seasoning, especially after the first few times of use.
The colour of the skillet will change from the blue/grey when is arrives too much darker red/brown and even black - this is completely normal and is reflecting the build up of seasoning. Cooking some foods (especially acidic produce like tomatoes) can remove some of the seasoning, this may result in a pale silver finish but the seasoning can be easily re-applied.
The skillets are all spun by hand and as such can pick up scratches and tooling marks during this highly skilled process. This does not effect the skillet.

Carbon steel will rust if left wet for too long. For best results wash your skillet in hot water and dry up thoroughly after use and store in a dry place.
Steel pans can be re-seasoned after every use if desired and re-heating in the oven with a little oil after cleaning is a good idea.
Do not put your skillet in the dishwasher – it will rust. Do not use detergent or excessive soap.